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    Heh, where do you only get the choice of Irn Bru? :)

    I've always been a coffee drinker. First thing in the day a mug of coffee and usually 2 or 3 before I leave the house.

    During revision for exams whilst having 6am starts for my job I was drinking tons of it and decided to cut it out completely as I was just becoming too reliant on the stuff. So for the past 4 - 5 weeks I didn't consume any caffeine and I've felt like absolute shit. I can't get up in the mornings and can't sleep at night. It's probably a lot to do with having finished Uni for the year and only working a few hours the occasional evening, but I was usually getting up around 3pm and not sleeping until 6 - 9am, which is still odd for me as I've always been a 6am-7am riser and early gym goer.

    Anyway, started drinking coffee again in the last couple of days and this is the first time I've been up before 12 in weeks, let alone 8:00 on a day where I have fuck all to do. I also feel I have a ton more energy and motivated to actually do something other than play computer games and watch movies/TV.

    Judging from the bollocks I've just wrote I might have a little too much energy. Anyway, my name is Luke and I'm a caffeine addict.
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