#7591727, By CalmBlueOcean Child of Eden - Spiritual successor to Rez?

  • CalmBlueOcean 20 Jun 2011 19:08:32 281 posts
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    There's almost no point me saying how much I love this. I've been obsessed with Rez for over ten years so its no surprise that I love this just as much.

    I do have a gripe though. Just like Rez before it, I simply don't enjoy playing this game the way the game wants me to. I mash the lock-on button frenziedly rather than locking on properly, I tracer stuff I obviously should be using to build 8 lock chains, and just generally play with the world and my own brain chemistry via the game's synaesthetic mechanisms.

    So its a bit depressing at the end of each level to be confronted with a crappy two star rating so that I know I suck. It's also pretty aggravating that this rating controls unlocking levels.

    Obviously once I've got all the levels unlocked I'll stop giving a shit about the stars and be content with crap scores but more fun, but until then it really messes up my buzz :)

    Has anyone on the interwebz started working this game out yet? There was a lot more going on in Rez than people thought, with extra enemies that only spawned under certain circumstances, and the alternative forms for the bosses if you played "well" on the way to them. I'm sure CoE is loaded with similar little secret bits and bobs.
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