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    varsas - yeah, the Wii menu setting is for the sensor bar pointing, which works fine (even when starting up the game, before doing the calibration, when the sensor bar IS used).

    ilmaestro - nah, I put it face down on a flat surface and leave it there until it tells me to move on to the next step. I've tried all sorts of flat, level surfaces. The floor, the table, the sofa. In front of me, behind me, and level with me. I know that once calibration is complete the cursor position is based on the angle of the remote rather than where you're pointing it on the screen, but what this means for me is that if I sit at my usual distance on the sofa, I have to "aim" (i.e. tilt my hand) much further than I'm used to with other Wii games and the Wii dashboard.

    Interestingly, as I said earlier, if I sit a foot or so closer to the screen, the angling of the Wii remote feels about right, and "aiming" (say, on the menu screens) comes naturally.

    Either way, I have got used to it now, and it's not like the game requires urgent aiming at targets. If I had these problems in, say, Red Steel 2, or in sensor bar-based games like Resi 4, it would be a deal breaker. Here it just took a while to adjust, but now I'm loving the game. Thanks for your patience. :)
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