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    Looking back after 2 weeks from finishing it, I think of SS and feel a tad underwhelmed. I agree with previous comment made about the EDGE score, it hasn't really hit a 10 for me. I'd say an 8.

    I loved the character designs, but the repetition of parts and the dreamtime collect-a-thon bits rearing their heads again near the end...ughh... they could have dressed it differently. It was just the same reused environment again and again.

    The way EDGE described the game in a part of their review was that you learn new skills and then return to parts you've previously visited to find them to contain completely new areas you'd never have thought were there. Or something along those lines.I found that to be completely not true - just going inside a tree isn't that fresh etc, etc.

    I'm also done with motion controls. They 'work', but I miss the accuracy and acceptable error of a controller. Of course, this is a whole different subject entirely..

    I DID enjoy it though. I beat Demise first time with no shield.
    It was a very good 8. Re-re-replaying OOT now, still my number 1.

    I wonder, if they are to evolve the motion controls on the speculative Wii U Zelda, how then will the Wii U controller be used?
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