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    Finished it this morning! After the annoying 3rd fight against The Imprisoned I really enjoyed the final few hours.

    Loved collecting the notes for the water dragon, that was proper good adventuring gaming fun. Thought the final dungeon where you had to shift the rooms around was a great idea, although perhaps could have been even more developed bringing in more settings and enemies / characters from the game. The final Silent Realm wasn't as annoying as the others, and it was cool to run around Skyloft in that world. The final boss battles were far too easy as others have said, but to be honest I didn't mind that... I really wanted to polish the game off and not have a big stressathon at the end.

    Loved the ending, nicely done and emotional as always with Zelda games - I thought the short behind-the-scenes style clips of Zeldas story were cool to see. Only thing I always wish in these kind of games is that you should be able to run around a completely open world after it's all complete, and finish side-quests etc. I'd love that.

    Overall, I'm bumping this back up to a 9/10... it redeemed itself 0.5 more in the last hours :)

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