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    Recently borrowed a Wii just to play Skyward Sword. A very fresh and inspiring Zelda game. They really needed to freshen up the formula and they succeeded. Fun gadgets, interesting overworld design, good characterization. Motion control does add something new to experience however I find it also very frustrating.

    I've been playing games for over 20 years but I've been wrestling with the controls ever since I started playing (I don't own a Wii so...) With traditional controls I wouldn't have died once I'm sure but I would also have less fun I think.

    And fuck me, hearts are much more valuable than rupees in this Zelda! Every time I break some bottles and hearts come out I'm relieved and dissapointed by those stupid rupees :)

    Could also be because of the baffling game design decision (that all Zeldas have) to play a repeated beeping sound when you're low on health. Sometimes I had to endure 15 minutes of play with that continous annoying beeping. Why Nintendo? Why!?
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