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    So after months of putting it on hold, I've gone back to Skyward Sword to finally play it fully.

    I have to say, I absolutely hate the crap out of it. Now, mind you, I'm a huge Zelda fan. Been playing it since the NES days. But I saw it all go wrong since the Wind Waker to be honest (Yes I don't like the Wind Waker all that much). And SS is definitely an evolution in the wrong direction imo.

    First of all, the motion controls. My god...The motion controls. You need to be veeeeeery precise when making strikes with your sword, or guiding certain weapons, or flying the bird, but the thing just really doesn't read moves accurate or quick enough. The constant recalibrating isn't the worst thing, but my god.

    Then there's the art style. I've never seen such hideous character designs. Outside Link looking like Michael Jackson in his worst days, there's this thing....this...Groose, I'm pretty sure I went blind in one eye looking at this thing. It's like the One Piece of video games overall, except One Piece oozes personality, whereas in this game...They don't have a personality outside just pure childishness. If this had been done in WW style with a young Link, it would have been much more believable as far as I'm concerned.

    Furthermore, the overworld. How boring can you possibly make it? This isn't like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past, or even the first Zeldas where when you ventured outside for the first time it made you want to explore it all, this just empty air with an island here and there.

    Which leads me to this, everything, EVERYTHING is a friggin puzzle in this game. Yes, I know, Zelda was always big on puzzles. But not like this, this is so friggin tiresome. Even the fucking BOSS DOOR IS A PUZZLE and not exactly an interesting one or one that actually makes you THINK. Every single enemy is a puzzle, outside what...the bats? There's just no rest moments, there's nothing outside of the puzzles. It really is just a puzzle game, not an adventure. And every single thing revolves around the Wii remote gimmick, not on actual gameplay improvements or innovations.

    There was always much more to Zelda than just puzzles, it just frustrates me to no end to see them taking this direction and they'll probably never turn back. This seriously stomped me off of Nintendo in general.

    ....Alright, now I feel better.
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