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    Very happy to see I'm not alone here, thanks OP :p

    But yes, the praise for this game, I don't get it either. Like, if you see the review on Gamtrailers for instance, there's a huge amount of nagging in it, and yet it still gets a 9+ score. I think they were just terrified of the rage it would induce or of Nintendo themselves perhaps, since I've heard they're a bit of a bully at times to the media.

    But at any rate, I have to say I don't like TP all that much either, the map was big, but there was little to do in it and it wasn't very memorable overall Character designs were also pretty horrible there, see: http://tinyurl.com/a5sg7wp and http://tinyurl.com/bd92tsv

    Though it's still much better than SS, if only just for the controls. It's sad to see motion controls have gone this way, it was actually a pretty exciting prospect when they showed off the Wii for the first time, but somehow, they just can't make it work. Not on the Wii, not on the Kinect, not on the PS Move. And I have great fears for the next Zelda on Wii U where they apparently want to stray away from the singleplayer formula.

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