#9518556, By Doomspoon The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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    I've been borrowing a Wii and got this on rental. I wasn't having too many problems with the controls bar low shots not registering and the flight going wonky until the boss of the first dungeon. The emo queen/girly boy emo thing.

    What the fuck is that Mickey Mouse shit with the stupid controls? I died twice and decided to look for advice online. "Fake him out by pointing the sword to one side and then slashing in the opposite direction" ok, nice in theory but the stupid bloody controls don't seem to recognise when I'm trying to cut from the opposite side.

    When I move the Wiimote to the other side to strike it registers that itself as a slash.

    That's shit. I was rather enjoying playing a Zelda game again up to this point. Please tell me there's no more of this bollocks. If so they can shove it up their arse. What the fuck is wrong with proper controls in the first place?
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