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    @sajasanman To further explain. I'm borrowing both the machine and game, playing it on a shared TV as I don't own one, my 360 and PC, both with huge backlogs of games (which at about that point I figured I'd rather have been playing) are plugged into monitors so the only place that Wii can be used is on that TV. Nobody else was using it at the time so I had a slot. Also the Wii is being returned to it's owner in a fortnight, I'm not about at all next week so won't get to play so yes, I'd rather just see as much of the game as I can in the short time I have available with it rather than arse about being hamstrung by iffy controls thanks.

    Regarding the controls, it has a hard time registering a horizontal slash as anything other than from left to right rather than the other way around, likewise it registers a vertical slash as only downwards regardless of which vertical motion I use. At which point flailing seems the only adequate description of what was happening because it sure as hell wasn't any reflection on what I was doing with the controller.

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