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    trip919 wrote:
    MrVengeance wrote:
    I'd say your experience of playing the SNES games has stuck to you mate! Pretty much everyone else has had their ass kicked repeatedly at this by the end of the third stage!

    Well done anyway, you've clearly got some great gaming skills going on.

    Well I haven't done 100% yet like Kent says (only the first few worlds) perhaps that's where the real challenge lies?

    For me personally I wouldn't have enjoyed this as much if it was a cakewalk as it so closely resembles the Snes trilogy, I think the old school difficulty suits it well.

    I haven't played a 2D DK platformer since the first Game Boy DK Land, so my skills weren't great in this to start with. Once I finished the game I found it much easier to get through stages that I had previously had difficulty with, as I had gained the skills to do so.

    I suppose my problem was the fact that there were some very harsh difficulty spikes throughout the game (mostly the barrel, collapsing platform and minecart stages) and the general difficulty on first playing the game kind of made it less fun than it should have been at times. However, as I progressed through the game it was a lot more enjoyable as the difficulty didn't really go up further than was present in World 3, which was good. I thoroughly enjoyed stages from World 4 to 8, in particular the stunning World 6.

    For me then, a reasonably skilled gamer in general, I would have preferred an easier game all round. I think there should have been a a difficulty select at the start. I'm delighted that an experienced DK player like yourself has enjoyed the game and been challenged by it, at least to a degree, but I do believe that both regular and expereinced DK players should have been catered for. Once a regular player like me beat the game on a lower difficulty, we would have had the skills to tackle the game on a setting that you would have been able for from the get-go.

    As it stands, I really do love the game, even with my gripes regarding the difficulty. I just wish that levels that should have been more fun the first time around, like the mine-carts, had of allowed me to take a few hits before failing for example.

    Its an 8/10 game for me, and one of my favourite on the system, but it would have been a 9 if it had been bettr balanced I feel.
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