#7730989, By MrVengeance Donkey Kong Country Returns

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    trip919 wrote:

    Yeah, if you've never played a DK game before I can see why this would knock your socks off!


    I've never actually played the ones on the GB but I've now got an itch to, I think I'll hunt those down. Also, I agree DK 64 was a good game but it also represents Rare at their worst in terms of collectables - they definitely went overboard!

    I was burning out a bit on the old 3D platformers by the time DK64 came out - great as it was.

    By the time the N64 was finished as a viable platform, I really had had my fill, so much so that I just could get all that far into the stunning Banjo-Tooie. I still have it and need to get back to it some day to finish. It really is an astounding looking game considering the hardware it is running on.

    N64 is a mighty machine for great games.
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