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    kimchibaka wrote:
    I've got a huge backlog and am pretty skint, so I'd be looking to pick this up later. Will it be 'ruined' by (presumably) most other players already having been through it and knowing what to do and all the secrets?
    preacherman69 wrote:
    I have done everything that can be done now and I still play it, been through about 7 - 8 times. The game is still great I'm no longer taking the journey as such rather I'm helping others do it if they want the help that is. Best tenner I ever spent tbh
    Out of interest, how do you know if other people want help?
    They will stick with you if not they will do their own thing. I had someone the other day acknowledge me but then just went on his way

    Had the opposite where I have gone through the entire game with someone and then received a message saying thanks once we finished

    I like it because it let's players do what they want
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