#6278025, By deem Satnav! Any recommendations?

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    Cuchulainn wrote:
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    Free does sound awesome but im going to be upgrading to an iphone in the next week or so. TomTom seems to be getting alot of love.

    Then why not use the iphone as your satnav? You could get Copilot for the iPhone, and a generic mount and car charger from maplin all for 35 quid or so. Certainly less than for a dedicatted unit, it'll work nicely (and navigate to acontact addresses in your phone) and you'll also have it with you. The iphone screen will also be better than the ones in a 100 quid ish dedicated device.

    I used to use Co-pilot all the time, but have found the 4.99 (N-Drive) one to be better. I had to drive to Wales last week from Norfolk, and the suggested route for N-Drive knocked nearly 50 minutes off my journey ETA compared to the Co-Pilot suggestion. I've used it all the time since.
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