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    Ah, I didn't know those missions were related to the sync percentage, I just assumed they became available after certain key missions. That's a bit of a shame.

    One of the problems I have with the 100% sync stuff on missions is I'm not really sure of it's purpose, is it supposed to be a 'this is how Ezio did it' style thing or not? If so, then fair enough. Otherwise some of the requirements seem don't seem to fill a purpose other than wanting you to replay them. I've had a few where there is no way you'd do the 100% sync unless you're replaying it, where as others it seems like it's more of a guideline on the easiest way of completing the mission.

    The other slight annoyance which I've run into a few times is where the game will be loading into a section, and it seems to resume gameplay while the loading screen is still showing. This was a right pain while trying to do the requirement of taking no damage, where you'd seem to take damage before the loading screen had even gone. But I'm not sure if this could just be my 360 being an arse or not.
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