#9179001, By famous_roy Buying a Macbook Pro?

  • famous_roy 25 Nov 2012 10:48:05 4,126 posts
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    Good god, installing Windows 7 on my Retina Pro is proving to be an incredible ball-ache.

    Downloading the ISO, popping it on a flash drive and running bootcamp assistant jobby is all well and good but there's a rather large problem

    My question is: Where the feck do I buy a Windows 7 product key. There is seemingly nowhere online, Mircosoft's shop is pathetic with only a WIndows 8 upgrade being downloadable.

    Any ideas/workarounds. Bought Xcom and the Total War collection on Steam in hot anticipatation, now I am grumpy. Is my only option to spend 100+ on a physical copy?!
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