#454869, By atholl Londoners are all bastards

  • atholl 30 Sep 2004 16:13:02 85 posts
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    Spanky wrote:
    Actually thanks to this thread and the comments on the bbc news site i am now unlikely to stop for anyone lying in the street unless its an old person or kid. We're not exactly hearing nice stories like "i stopped to help this woman, called an ambulance, i feel great because i saved a life" it's all been "I got sued", "i got my arse kicked", "i got carjacked" or "stabbed". Fuck it, under no circumstances am i stopping, its only what seems to be expected anyway. I'm more likely to stop for a bear with a sore toe.

    Do you not think that given the general perception (note perception, not fact) of Londoners is that they are a bunch of self-serving individuals with no sense of community other than their own interests.

    Given that prejudice, do you really think the above comment helps your case?

    And do you not think that you should stop because she may need help?
    (flippant comments about homelessness aside)
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