#454894, By atholl Londoners are all bastards

  • atholl 30 Sep 2004 16:32:14 85 posts
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    Spanky wrote:
    atholl wrote:
    And do you not think that you should stop because she may need help?
    Realistically i'd probably stop.

    o.k. cool :) I just thought there that you were actually advocating not stopping.

    If i was feeling particularly nasty(i have my moods) i'd throw her some change and walk on. And if she was a lapdancer...

    I dont even want to know how that sentence ends!

    If i was driving through harlesden(insert shooty shooty scumhole of your own, tottenham, moss side, gorbals or something) and saw someone lying in the road i'd put the foot down, and so would you possibly.

    Granted, the scumbag/bullshit rader would be cranked up, burI really hope I could never be that callous not to stop.
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