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    PenguinJim wrote:
    Krappers wrote:
    Ive been eyeing this up for sometime now. Having loved Elite on the speccie, and heard this is along the same lines.
    Ive seen conflicting views on how 'good' it is. And wondered if it was worth dropping 14 on demand
    It's fine, but not particularly gripping or must-play. Your 14 may be better put towards a PC!

    It was actually about 14 at launch, surely there must be a disc copy going for a fiver by now?
    Your probably right. I got a chunk of points for xmas,& was flicking through the on demand stuff. They are not exactly burning a hole in my virtual space bucks pocket. But just remembered people talking about it, when it came out. I'll see if i can pick it up a cheap on disc. Cheers.
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