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    Hi all,

    Just found this selection of WordPress themes that are being given away for free.

    I think they look pretty nice, certainly nice enough to investigate a bit as they are free. Put them in the photo section as they might make a nice portfolio or shop front site I think.

    Themes themselves are nothing to do with me. Just found them as I was looking to see if there might be a simple alternative to replacing my website which I had made in flex.

    As much as I like Flex I'm more interested in taking photos than relearning how to code Flex!

    Here you go - RichWP themes


    On a different note any fellow Canon 5d m2'ers might be interested in a video I shot on it. It's a video for a world cup tune my band made and I shot the thing quickly, with no real understanding of the settings (not got the manual video firmware yet). Manual focused, mainly on a tripod and it came out better than I had hoped.

    Edited up in sony vegas movie studio platinum pro. Had to convert the video first using cineform's neoscene. Before then anything more than one 5D video layer made my computer bleed out of it's USB sockets. Got some NewBlueFX film effects in the start. Final renders take an AGE!

    Hoping to get Premiere CS5 for editing in future with it's native rendering of 5D files. Anyone tried it yet - the demo doesn't have the 5D bit in it annoyingly! Reviews all very positive...

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