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    Pastici wrote:
    A whole thread and no mention of Onimusha? :(.
    Yes! I miss samurai in games, loved 1 to 3, and even Blade Warriors.

    Fullmetal Alchemist - the second game on the PS2 was quite good, and the series can get quite dark. A proper HD game as opposed to a handheld is needed.
    Grandia - been away for far too long.
    Gungrave - done properly this would be awesome. The second PS2 game was a bit poor though.
    Magic Pengel - quirky drawing game where you could "draw" your own creature-monster thing to take part in battles. Little bit fiddly but fun and original.
    Musashi Samurai Warrior - stylish hack and slash, geat character design, but a little shallow. Learning new moves off enemies was quite cool though.
    Shin Megami Tensei series - dark, adult, brutal. Rumoured to be in development, but no sign yet. Adore this series.
    Breath of Fire - one of the all time greats, IV is easily one of the best RPG's ever made.
    Gergory Horror Show - so bloody odd and so bloody good. I miss games like this.
    Mark of Kri - first game was so good.
    Mr. Moskeeto - nuff said.
    Odin Sphere/Grimgrimoire - would love to see proper sequels to these on HD consoles...
    XIII - would Ubi do a sequel? After the pig's ear they made of POP, probably best they don't.
    Star Wars Republic Commando - co-op is the in thing right now, surely a no-brainer.

    And there's a big list of anime stuff I'd love to see made, but that's unlikely in the current western-dominated climate. :(
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