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    There are adverts everywhere for SC5 atm (at least i see 'em).

    Sim City is an important series to PC Gaming. SC2000 was one of the reasons I cobbled together a 386 out of second hand bits in 1994...

    Big problems i can see with my favourite game of all time:

    - You are going to need Origin, so that's yet another account to remember with yet another company, and yet another company your with credit card details, as well as yet another system tray icon and yet another program in start up...

    - From what the SC forum says its 'always online', with either a severely crippled off-line mode or none at all.

    - Its priced at 44.99 for the normal version or 64.99 for the deluxe. This deluxe has the german, french and british city sets included, so unless you want to only create the usual US style grids then thats 64 quid

    - Will Origin and always on cripple modding? SC4 has survived a long time becuase of the mod scene.

    So, well i'm sure it'll still sell, and i may even put up with up with all, but i have a nagging sense that they are right royally f***ing me over.
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