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    I only have two warnings about this game:

    1) The familiars system at times can feel a little like Level 5's other collection based titles in that its trying a little too hard to create marketable critters for children to buy and compared how full of soul and heart the rest of the game is, it is remarkably cynical and sad. But really, its quite faint.

    2) Do NOT grind! Please, I beg you. (Unless you are one of those people who enjoys grinding, I guess.) This game does not have an even difficulty level that slowly ramps up all the way through. It's more fluid than that, but its quite clear it was designed to make everything you can do more worthwhile. Play the game the way it was intended and I can almost guarantee you'll have a better experience, even that means getting your ass handed to you several times, actually especially because it means that. This game got ripped to shreds for its uneven difficulty by Japanese hardcore RPGers who really should know better, but were on a mission to hate this game into oblivion.

    I also recommend you buy the special edition so you can get the book. Especially if you are part of the generation who misses huge and detailed instruction manuals that were worth reading and contained all sorts of entertaining miscellany, or if you are even lucky enough to remember Infocom and their feelies. Also, because referencing the glorified PDF file in the game is annoying compared to having the book with you.

    Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for Ni no Kuni (both the untranslated DS version and this game, which are not completely, but mostly different, BTW), the best original RPG masterpiece this entire generation. For me, this was better than Nier, better than Radiant Historia, better than Demon Souls.

    Somehow Level 5 and Ghibli found a way to bottle magic and poured it all over this game.

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