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    @Aretak I am having the same problem. I ordered back in July and have today been told there is a 'payment problem'. I have entered new card details now and my order is awaiting despatch. Did you manage to contact anyone at The Hut? I am waiting for a reply to my e-mail.
    Nah, they won't reply for days. Had plenty of problems with them in the past and they never do. Loads more people having the same issue with all three of their sites (The Hut, Zavvi and Sendit) over on NeoGAF. It's pretty clear the "payment problems" are a smokescreen at this point IMO.

    Kicking myself for missing Amazon putting it back up last week by half an hour.
    Quoting this for the new page.

    Don't buy from the Hut or Zavvi or anyone with the same supplier. Selling you stuff they don't stock -or won't restock- is their top trick. I'd rather spend an extra quid elsewhere and get what I paid for then put any money in their pockets.
    Not to rush to The Hut's defence, but there's always the possibility that they have been screwed over by the distributor. It's possible that the additional stock Play.com and Amazon had available to them came at the expense of smaller retailers with whom the distributor is less concerned about maintaining a happy relationship.

    Anyway, just a thought and of course it doesn't forgive slow and poor customer service. For what it's worth, my Zavvi order for the standard edition (costing 31) has been dispatched, and as long as it arrives in time and in one piece I shouldn't have much to complain about.
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