#9340607, By Rodderz Ni no Kuni: The Another World for PS3 - Studio Ghibli/Level 5 title

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    Yeah, I totally agree with you dude and I often use and recommend Shopto, but I'm personally trying to save a bit of money this year and also (trying to) buy fewer games, so on this occasion 30.99 was more appealing than the 38.86 Shopto were asking when I was looking to order it. Not that it's worked in my favor though :lol:

    I'd probably add that I have had some good service from 'Supermarket' orders before too - 'Asda Direct' went through a phase in early 2012 of offering pre-order games really cheap and always got deliveries to me the day before release. They eventually got quite expensive so I stopped using them.

    Tesco however, have now been thoroughly shit in the two times I've used them in the last 6-months - hence me mentioning it was against my better judgment! Never again!!

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