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    Goodfella wrote:
    mana runs out super fast in a dungeon and you're left with your vastly weaker standard attack, using up a lot of my bread rations to restore health in between battles while desperately trying to make it to the save stone just before the boss.

    It's not like you can avoid enemies on the really narrow paths either, you effectively have to fight pretty much every one of them.
    That's kind of the whole point. I find not using special attacks until the boss boring so I try to make good decisions on when and when not to use them. If this becomes a trite decision than the joy of roleplaying goes down a notch. Ni no Kuni is made like older RPGs in this regard. Balanced so that if you've been following the level curve you should either escape by the skin of your teeth or fail.

    Later on in the game, this changes drastically. Not for the easier either. It gets much harder.
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