#9346486, By Daeltaja Ni no Kuni: The Another World for PS3 - Studio Ghibli/Level 5 title

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    @Goodfella defo not, i cast an ability with a familiar and when it was done it was stuck on the spot with the spell it just cast greyed out, completely unable to move for a good 20sec while the boss killed me. Happened when switching party members too.

    Another gripe, all of my familiars are pussies minus the stock ones that came with each ally. Even geared out, levelled up. Few hits and they're dead. Anyone else having trouble with this? Most of my battles are spent kiting mobs around while I cheese mechanics.

    Plus really WTB "use mana sparingly" tactic. Party members literally OOM 10 sec into any encounter.

    On the other hand, just got my boat and its awesome!

    Love hate at its finest.
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