#9356018, By Mr_Sleep Ni no Kuni: The Another World for PS3 - Studio Ghibli/Level 5 title

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    HiddenAway wrote:
    @joelstinton I've got a feeling that it's more likely to be a Merit Card reward later on so I'm not going after anything unless it's for an errand.

    Don't remind me about that banana quest though. I captured it, finished the side quest, quit without saving later on (went to an area where the monsters were too powerful) then spent 40 minutes re-doing the quest without success.

    Quit the game, loaded save again, captured on the first attempt -_-
    I never managed it, I spent an age grinding them and not one dropped. It was painful. I gave up in the end. I assume that it's not the ones on the top of the cliffs that are required? It's just the normal ones in the desert, yes?
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