#9360000, By Zackv4861 Ni no Kuni: The Another World for PS3 - Studio Ghibli/Level 5 title

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    Restart wrote:
    Holy crap. Anyone else found the TokoToko yet? They are standard mobs, but they give you 8000xp each. Just fought two at once and got 17,000xp, which jumped all my characters and all my familiars about 3-4 levels each.
    Only 8000xp i got 9300xp each. XP doesn't change as you level up does it? They're meant to be pretty good familiars too. I spent a couple of hours leveling up and metamorphing some familiars there yesturday. I thought Ulk spat out some XP but it's nothing compared to Tokotoko and they're easy.
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