#9409997, By Gibroon Ni no Kuni: The Another World for PS3 - Studio Ghibli/Level 5 title

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    Porco Grosso was probably the hardest boss fight I've had (not much further in the game). Took me a good few attempts but it is just a case of being patient, using all-out-defence at the appropriate time to get some glims, then spamming Thunderspark and drongos special move when available. I was down to about 50 HP with no MP and only Oliver left in the party when I finally beat him with a special power up.

    I've started on the historic hamelin but feel I really should of taken more MP and HP provisions. Think I'm near the top of the hill to get Mornstar but have no provisions left for HP and MP.

    Definitely need to start doing more side quests when I eventually get back to Hamelin.

    Absolutley loving the game and loads more still to do by the looks of it. :D
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