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    Br0ken_Engli5h wrote:
    Yeah, I can usually be found lurking the fighting game threads here, chatting to the other FG fans/degenerates. (I jokes, I wub you all) ;)

    Unfortunately I'm XBL only, though. Numerous attempts to cajole the missus into letting me have a PS3 also have so far failed. Bah!
    I suppose it's just as well, as I can't afford all the games that I want so far just on the one system.

    Ohhh sucky! I know how you feel though, been wanting to get an xbox because a few of my SRK mates are all on it (and about 90% of the tournament go-ers to our ranbats here X3)
    Though truth be it, I would probably only play SSFIV on it so I'm not sure it would even be worth it for just one game tbh.
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