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    GundamJehutyKai wrote:
    FrancysPai wrote:Haha, I mained Noel in CT too, changed to Hazama just because she's...urgh, It's like relearning Noel all over again in CS, so I thought "Screw it, I wanted this guy in, I'm playing him."

    Salami: the Tutorial mode is excellent I find, especially if you're planning on sticking to Ragna because it's all done with him XD

    I had the same problem with Virtua fighter 4 on the PS2. I spent ages getting the timings for the counterattacks for Aoi and then I got VF4 evolution and had to learn them all over again!!!
    But I just can't say no to noel. Esp since my other main was nu...

    Might try to use ragna more and I got the fan edition of CS so I'll have Makoto from the start! Tsubaki was kinda fun for a while too...

    Nu got hit with a lot of nerfs, I found.

    I still play Noel as my alt, and Taokaka to my alt to that. I can use Tsubaki and Nu too to some extent, so it's not so bad. I picked up Makoto along the way, but I don't have much of an interest in her or Valkenhayn (Platinum the Trinity all the way!)
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