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    GundamJehutyKai wrote:
    FrancysPai wrote:
    And so, it begins. You do know this happened with Calamity Trigger too right? It was meant to be out October 30th 2009, came out April 2010.

    I'm glad I imported both of mine like...a week after they were out in the US.

    I can't say I'm surprised by the delay but they really need to get their skates on. the longer they leave it, the worse their sales will be because everyone will be playing MvC3!!!

    You mean like everyone was playing SSFIV when CT was released here XD Because it was a case of "Hm...Blazblue...or SF...SF is cheaper and out only a few days later soooooo~" for a lot of my mates who didn't already have CT anyway.

    MvC3 has a lot of hype for it, that's something they can't compete with this time around.
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