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    Played the demo...totally confused by it. Maybe someone who's also played it can enlighten me?

    Assumed control of the Yakuza guy. Got chased into a underground area (subway?) by a gang of zombies (cops and gangsters). At this stage I'm quite excited because, well, I don't want to get killed by zombies, even in a game.

    I spend the next few minutes wrestling with the skew whiff camera, but successfully shooting the zombies all over, but mainly in their heads. Occasionally I get a 'SUCCESS!' logo flash up, as in Onimusha 4 after a trial, but at no point do any of the zombies topple over and die...they just keep lunging at me and chasing me. Also at no point do any of them inflict any damage on me. Am I really that good at evading them? Maybe...

    Anyway, after 10 minutes of this I get bored, and decide to see what horrible fate awaits my Yakuza should I let the zombies get hold of him. I take my hands of the controls. The Yakuza stops running, the zombies stop running. They eventually sidle up to him, but stop a respectful distance away. At no point do any try to dine on him. I make the Yakuza walk among them, turn his back...nothing.

    So, if you can't kill them, and they won't kill you, then what exactly is this game about?
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