#6338890, By Nikanoru What's your biggest ever gaming let down?

  • Nikanoru 3 Jul 2010 11:57:30 16 posts
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    I could mention a whole bunch of franchises that I loved but that let me down by having been turned into cheap, neutered, shallow, walled-in linear bullshit, shadows of their former self, under the guise of "streamlining", such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Metroid Prime 3, but I'll pick the one that first gave me that horrible nauseating feeling that someone took the game away and replaced it with a few back-to-back cutscenes that were pretending to be it, namely the incredible bag of bile that is Final Fantasy X.

    This probably has some relation to how much I was looking forward to that game. The first FF on a next-gen console. After the wonderful IX on the PS1, this new PS2 installment couldn't be anything but the most epic adventure ever, right? This is gonna be so awesome!

    Cue me wondering when I was gonna be let out of the introductory scene for the next ten hours, then despairing after it lasted all the way to the end boss. Where's my goddamn game? Biggest gaming related letdown in the history of everything ever. FFX is a huge pile of puke, and anyone who endorses it should get mauled by wild bears.

    And now with FFXIII it seems Square took the last sliver of hope I ever had of FF turning back to its former glory and went "HA! You thought X was bad? Get a load of this! NO TOWNS, NO PUZZLES, NO ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION OR NPC INTERACTION PERIOD, NO NOTHING EXCEPT BATTLES IN A LONG STRAIGHT TUBE! HAHAHAHAAAAHAHAAAAA!" It's the fault of all the FF fanboys taking it up the ass with the horrible FFX and then begging for more. Oh well, at least I was prepared, this time.
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