#6344904, By Nikanoru What's your biggest ever gaming let down?

  • Nikanoru 5 Jul 2010 21:05:20 16 posts
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    Hantheman wrote:
    I like FFX. If you ignore 70% of the characters. It's got a nice art style, good combat and vast scale.

    Vast scale? Are you serious? The world was tiny with only 2 "proper" towns to explore compared to FFIX's however many (and even those were small by FF standards), and everything else was a boring narrow straight path from beginning to end, barely any better than just stringing together some cutscenes, almost as bad as FF13's tube-for-a-world.

    It's like going from RE4 to those on-rails RE games (and hilariously people defend this). Vast scale my ass.
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