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    Hold each make of camera, play with the menus, just for a moment, and go with the one that feels best. Really both Nikon and Canon make excellent cameras that will do everything you need.

    Nikon and Canon are the big players. I'd personally stick with them. Not that other makes are worse, just will make life slightly easier for you.

    Similarly for lenses - you'll be able to get what you want for either type of camera. The ranges are not that different. The prices are not that different, especially with 3rd party lenses.

    If I were you I would look at the Nikon D90 or the canon 550D. Both excellent cameras that will last you. See which feels better and go that way. Both companies do a lower tier of cameras. Nothing wrong with them but given the budget you are quoting this would be what I'd look at...

    Then pair that with a 100mm macro lens in the 300-400 territory. This takes you up to a grand. You'll lack cash for a tripod or other lenses, if that is a problem downgrade on the camera and get a kit lens and tripod in the package, or get a more versatile mid zoom macro lens to start with - it won't have the same quality but will give you more freedom to experiment which I think would be good for someone in your position - worry about the specialist lenses later when you know how you want to specialise. Then you'd have a 200 or so left over for a reasonable tripod and other bits and bobs.

    Good luck!
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