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    Help me, old gamers, you're my only hope.

    I played this game on a Sega system, around 1992. I'm convinced I played it on the Sega Mega-CD, as the proud owner who shared my student digs was sure it was going to blow away all other games because it had the CDs. With backwards compatibility, though, I can't be sure it wasn't a Master System game.

    It had the aspect of Lemmings or Worms about it, but the focus was on digging around underground for crystals, avoiding or fighting monsters, and I think placing ladders. I'm fairly sure the structure of the game was levels, with a score awarded before moving on to a new zone, but... I just don't remember. I've also convinced myself that it was part of a compilation of games, as I'm sure I chose to play it from a menu of four titles, though unhelpfully I do not remember any of the others, or even if this really happened.

    Playing the Terraria demo on XBLA made me think of this game, but I can't for the life of me place what it was called.

    It definitely isn't Dig Dug or Boulderdash or anything so famous. My google-fu is failing me, and I'm not sure it isn't down to being part of a compilation, and me not remembering the compilation name.
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