#6345460, By Biggles Need YOUR input on an Indie Games Shop

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    Knowledgeable staff are a must. Get all of them to read this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Replay-History-Video-Tristan-Donovan/dp/0956507204/ and encourage them to play as many games as they can. At the same time, make sure they aren't snobby and can recommend appropriate games to parents and grannies as well as to the hardcore.

    Stock old games, especially well regarded classics and PC games.

    I like the idea of demo pods where customers can request to play certain games. Maybe see if you can find an original arcade machine or two to go in one corner as well? A mame cabinet would be best, but getting the legalities worked out can be complicated.

    If you have staff picks, you can add personality to them by encouraging each staff member to have a top 5 or game of the week or whatever.

    But yeah, hiring good people and being the go to place for advice would probably be the best bet.
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