#9260824, By sirtacos What did you dream about last night?

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    I started an affair with a semi-autistic 15 year-old girl.

    In my defense, she looked 16. And she was very mature for her age. :p

    She was a supergenius.
    Kind of like that girl from Firefly/Serenity.

    We met on a diving boat surrounded by sharks. We fell in love and ran away together.

    Even in the dream, I realised what a paedo I was, so I eventually left her 'because it was wrong'.
    (This almost sounds noble, until I mention I had sex with her.)
    She tried to convince me to stay. She argued that, in Japan, the age of consent is 12. :/

    We had sex in the dream. She possessed a normal vulva, but when we started the awful deed, her vagina turned into the tip of a penis. I saw nothing wrong with this at the time, so I 'pushed on', so to speak, until I had spread apart and penetrated her urethra with my filthy appendage.

    Basically, imagine 'touching cocks' getting out of hand. By which I mean, one of the cocks penetrates the other cock.

    Despite these twisted horrors, it was actually quite a beautiful thing. The relationship, that is, not the sexual abominations I just described.

    She was an incredible human being. Despite our age difference, I was but a child in her presence. She dwarfed me in intellect, wisdom & maturity, and I considered myself lucky to be loved by her.

    The dream can't have lasted very long, but it felt like several weeks at least.

    I woke up and spent the rest of the day wistfully remembering my imaginary relationship with an underage girl with a mental condition. I still remember it fondly. I have issues.
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