#9327341, By SClaw What did you dream about last night?

  • SClaw 28 Jan 2013 14:30:15 826 posts
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    When I remember a dream itís never worth reporting on, because I apparently have the in-built ability to lucid dream whenever the hell I want to.

    So Iíll recall a dream the next day and have the distinct remembrance that I noticed in the dream I was dreaming, so immediately changed the dream into me doing awesome stuff (because real life is tedious). I have attempted to go ďyes you know itís a dream, but why not let this one play out as it wantsĒ but itís surprisingly difficult to go with the flow when you can ride motorbikes overload with strippers through flaming hoops.

    Prime example from last week; I started to have a dream that I was working for a talent agency (no idea where that came from) and then I noticed it was a dream, so decided that I would ascend from my dreaming desk job at a talent agency and become super famous.

    And Iím not bragging about lucid dreaming. Itís annoying as fuck because I can never have trippy weird dreams. Itís basically just the same shit Iím thinking while Iím sitting at my desk pretending to work for nine hours every day.
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