#6355659, By tiddles Some terminology advice please?

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    Story sounds great!

    One thing I would ask yourself is, what purpose is the technical detail serving in the story? Is it just to create the impression that you know what you're talking about, or does it serve a deeper thematic purpose in the story? If it's the former, I would say try and keep it to a minimum, as the average reader probably won't be interested in the tech details - the main thing is not to get something wrong which will stick out like a sore thumb to somebody who DOES know about photography - another reason why less might be better!

    However, if you CAN bring the technical side to life for the non-expert reader, and it has a strong link to what you want to do with the character and the story, it could be really powerful... personally I love it when a writer takes you through a subject which you never thought you'd be interested in, and by the end of the journey you feel like an expert on something new...
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