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    I'm enjoying the game myself quite a bit, but the difficulty spikes really put a dampening on the experience.

    As said many times in this topic, it's easy to see where the game faulters when compared to the previous title (which clearly had ALOT more time spent on it) but it's doing its job as a slice of entertainment for me at least.

    Speaking of difficulty spikes, has anyone come across that 'Recently opened Cave' in Sundermount when you visitthere a 2nd time. The room where that tome is is just too much! I've nearly beat it a couple of times but but the potion and healing cool downs cannot keep up with the enemies relentless assault, this is with me controlling all characters.

    It' an optional area of course, but now I am so determined to fnish it I refuse to budge from that area, it's driving me mad, but it's clear that, even though they intended for you to be able to take on multiple enemies, when you're given a Dynasty warriors full, you just can't, no with out a massive resource drain, some skill and a good degree of luck anyway.
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