#7724048, By Dragon Age 2

  • Deleted user 31 July 2011 21:33:06
    Its not that the solution isnt obvious, it's that there are still multiple ways to approach it but unless you do it as designed, one statue at a time, kill the enemies that spawn, then move on to the next one, it will end in frustration. It's easy the first time to miss the enemies spawning and not realise you have to kill them to move on rather than just complete the main task.

    The AI has no sense of self preservation during the battle. They shout out what they should do but then don't bother doing it. You can tell the AI to stay safe, they ignore it. You can outrun the danger, they dont follow. Later on pathfinding also becomes an issue. It's just very restricted compared with standard boss battles in DAO and DA2, people have come across a few glitches as well.
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