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    HiddenAway wrote:
    Post here too ;-)

    How much did it cost to set up and make? Always wanted to get into minis but put off by the fact that you need to be an actual publisher...

    Edit: A description of what the game is wouldn't be bad either!

    Well i work for a Developer called Mere Mortals, and about 6 months ago we decided to start self publishing as there wasn't much work around from external publishers due to the economy. So we didn't really have a setup cost as such, the game itself took 2 of us about 6 weeks to make. The great thing about minis is you don't need a publisher and you don't have to go through any concept approval process with Sony either, just sign up and buy a kit.

    The game itself is a 3 in a row puzzle game that contains 50 challenges and a high-score Arcade mode. Its a lot of fun and people in the office still play it, there's videos on the Facebook and on the store so you can get a good idea of what its about!
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