#7993371, By akyan I've got OnLive and I like it.

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    DFawkes wrote:
    I just got an e-mail back from OnLive, apparently once they have your credit card details there's no way to remove them. The suggestion was to replace those details with one of those top-up credit cards if you're concerned about security.

    I'm fairly sure it's illegal (Data Protection Act) for them to keep your details on file if you've requested them to be removed (assuming you've paid in full all charges due), but I didn't push the issue, I'm just closing my account entirely. I know it might be a slight over-reaction, but I got what I wanted from the service - I basically rented Deus Ex for a quid, which still isn't bad :)

    This is a little disappointing.... I thought these kind of services would have learned, if you make it difficult to stop a service then it discourages people signing up in the first place.
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