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    bad09 wrote:
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    You don't have to mess about with drivers but yea, it is very annoying when a game doesn't support the 360 controller, especially when it's a port of a console game! O_o

    i mean for fucks sake :/

    Yeah I'm amazed controller support is actually worse now windows has a standard controller. At least in the old days you could configure it yourself. Now fuckwits like Bioware and 2K actually disable it???????
    You can usually use xpadder to convert controller input if you want to. autohotkey and joy2key are similar. I find a more common issue is games that support only a 360 controller - with no configurable controls, there can be no way of getting axis input to work. But xinputemu (not sure what current version is - the one on google code, I think) lets more or less any controller pretend to be a 360 one.

    Not that I'm trying to claim a gaggle of third-party hacks is an ideal solution to anything. I suppose it's still marginally preferable to console games that don't give you configurable controls, at all, but it is exactly the sort of thing people abandoning the platform because it's (still) dying complain about.

    @miiiguel: consoles are toys. So's my PC when I'm using it to play DMC4 or King's Bounty.
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