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  • Monsieur_Blade 16 Nov 2012 19:35:45 453 posts
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    I'm really starting to get into this now and absolutely loving it!!

    I started on the 'Road To Glory' mode and, while it's pretty fun, I can't see it holding my attention that long. I started a proper WRC Championship season today though and I've been absolutely glued to the screen! I decided to go for the 3rd tier cars to give myself a bit of a chance. The official WRC cars are just too fast and powerful for me at the minute.

    I've done the Monte Carlo rally so far which was really edge of the seat stuff across ice and snow and I'm half way through the Portugal rally now. I'm loving the different feel of each location and once you get used to the car and the handling you can really throw it around the stages!

    When I first started I was finishing between 10-12th on each stage but I seem to be getting the hang of it now and have even managed to win a couple of stages :) I'm 3rd in the championship overall so far.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the game and say that the reviews (including EG's) are an absolute load of b*****ks!!! If you enjoy rallying and don't like the razzmataz of the Dirt games then you'll love WRC 3.

    I'd give it an 8/10 so far.
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