#6423446, By Cuchulainn Roundabouts!!!!

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    Popzeus wrote:
    Cuchulainn wrote:
    I'm on a bike - rules of the road apply to me.

    Except for rules about traffic lights, indicating and using lights after dark, if half the cyclists I come across are anything to go by >:(

    (Not saying you're one of them BTW.)

    Then why bring it up? Really pisses me off when drivers want it both ways - priority over cyclists in ways that are very dangerous for the poor bastard on the bike, yet the wrath of heaven brought down on someone who goes through a red pedestrian crossing after all the peds have finished crossing. Yes, there are bad cyclist out there, but I've never had one nearly kill me. Bad drivers? Couple of times a week I'm left wondering whether I either should just cave in and get a car for the work commute or start physically hauling people out of their cars and giving them the kind of "oh shit I'm gonna die" scare that they just gave me.
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