#8302123, By xandaca Sherlock (Moffat/Gatiss)

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    Was great fun throughout, a nicely twisty plot that (unlike Moffat's recent work on Who) tied itself up in a clever but understandable way, some terrific one-liners (about throwing the American out of the window) and of course Lara Pulver, who is staggeringly lovely when not playing a BBC dominatrix. I liked the interpretation of the character, too.

    My only (incredibly petty) criticisms would be the slightly too pleased with itself password reveal (Sherlocked? Really?), the manner in which Adler was saved at the end, Mycroft not really being anything like he is in the stories, and the name 'Irene' being pronounced in the American rather than British way (with a long, rather than silent, final 'e') - although some Holmes devotees contend that it should be pronounced as the German 'Ee-ray-na'.

    Minor quibbles aside, loved it. Really looking forward to next week.

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